The Fabulous Tab Punch!!

Why is it so fabulous? well just look at these tabs I punched out for my catalog! They are cute and they are just what I need to help me find things quickly in the catalog!

What else can you use the tab punch for? The photo above is from Stampin’ Up! and it shows a cute little pocket card with a tab that pulls the card out of the pocket! Is that darling or what?

For my tabs I chose cardstock colors I thought looked good together and with the catalog front and just started punching away! You can see that the tab has a small rectangular base that adheres to the page or paper. You simply punch, fold the punched tab in half, and adhere the front and back rectangular bases to the page or paper. It’s quick and easy! For my tabs I used Fast Fuse Adhesive to adhere them to the catalog pages. Then I used a black felt-tip pen to write the words on the tabs.

This is a great punch to have in your collection as I know it’s going to be used a lot! For more details about the punch, just click on the photo above! And, it’s a great time to order the Tab Punch as it will count toward your Bonus Days Coupon!

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  1. Connie S says:

    Very clever, Peggy. How many tabs did you punch, and what are your categories? I ask because it appears that there are ‘hidden’ tabs that probably have words on them behind the prominent ones in your pictures. (If I were to do something similar, I might be able to find things more quickly and easily. What a concept!)

    • Connie I basically used the categories and titles from the Table of Contents on page 1 and then I added any topics I use a lot. I ended up with about 2-1/2 layers of tabs. I actually somehow missed the punches in my tabs, so mine isn’t perfect😬 But it’s been very handy. Just give it a try!!

      • Connie S says:

        Of course you used the Table of Contents, Peggy! That’s the perfect starting spot. I can see how you might have missed a category, as there are a ton of products in this catalog. Think I need to sit and study it for a while (and make a list!) before I attempt this. ;o)