About Peggy


Hello! Welcome to Pretty Paper Cards!

My name is Peggy Noe and I’m an independent demonstrator with Stampin’ Up.  I love to make beautiful cards and share what I learn with you!  I hope you’ll visit here often!

How I Started Making Pretty Cards:

At a wedding shower I gave for a friend, one of the guests gave the bride-to-be a set of handmade thank you cards to use for her wedding.  The cards were so gorgeous I just had to find out how she made them.  She invited me to the next Stampin’ Up class she was attending and I’ve been stamping ever since. 

How You Can Start Making Pretty Cards:

It’s so easy to make beautiful cards.  Stampin’ Up! has all you need to be successful as I have been:  a stamp, some ink and some pretty paper and you will be all set!  The products coordinate so beautifully, you just can’t fail.  I am committed to helping you make the cards you want.  Email me at peggy@prettypapercards.com and I will help you get started.

How I Fit Making Cards Into a Busy Life:  Like you, I have a life that’s busy.  Card making has been a relaxing diversion from all of that.  Making a card doesn’t take too long, I think that’s what I love about it.  Within a short time (an evening or an afternoon) I can produce something pretty that I can share with others and that can bring a little joy into a friend’s life.  If I need a birthday card the next day, I can sit down for an enjoyable hour or so and have that card ready to give or mail!  And, I love being able to say what I want to on the card.  That’s one of the best things about making your own cards.

A Bit More:  I live in San Diego County, California, with my husband and our little Yorkshire Terrier named Elie.