Hi there! Well, I tried it. I went for it. I did it. Yes, I went on Facebook Live and made a video!! It was my first time trying it, and I was a bit nervous (teeth chattering!). So I thought you might like to see it! Here it is. Now it’s not perfect, I have a lot to learn, but here you go.


Basic tools are SO important, I’ve learned that. Today’s video is about scissors and why good quality scissors make a big difference in your cards. I’m going to pop on Facebook Live at least once a week (I hope to get bette at it) and show you some other basic tools that are super important in card making.

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And, I’ll tell you a secret 🙂  I try to post on there at least once a day and sometimes twice. You’ll be able to see more because I sometimes post photos of what I’m doing and what I’m crafting that day. I think you’ll like it!

Now, back to the scissors. The Stampin’ Up! scissors are called Paper Snips. They come with a nice protective cover over the blades (they are sharp!) which is especially nice if you have small children around.

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